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By BeanStalk

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When I first was invited to test out Keyword Discovery I honestly thought, alright - more of the same regarding keyword research. Fingers crossed they can provide a bit better formatting or something unique. Nowthat I've tested it however I can honestly say, well worth the $69/mth (and then some).

I couldn't possibly get intoa ll the features that impressed me here, you'll have to sign up for their free trial to see that for youself but I will include some screenshots to illustrate what it does.

Keyword discovery - choose keywords.

The first step is to enter your keywords and search to find out what keywords are hunted for. You can choose from a number of databases. In this case I chose Overture US as it's the one we're most familiar with however there are other pools of searches to draw your information from. In fact, I prefer the Global Premium option as it'differentiates between singular and plural as well as misspellings which Overture doesnt but this works well for our example and results in numbers we're all more familair with.

In this case I have chose to search for "seo". The great thing I can do is check the keywords I want more inforamtion on and add them to a project by clicking add. I can then search for more keywords:

Keyword Discovery - keyword research 2.

Now I've added in "search engine optimization" and selected (and added) more keywords for the project. You can add as many as you like but I'll stop there and move on.

Keyword Discovery - the results.

From the selection page you can also view the search trend for the phrase. In this case we can see that "seo services" is highly searched in the spring and September with lower searches throughout the rest of the year. This is not an exact science but is a fairly good indicator of seasonal trends - this feature would be especially important for seasonal sites.

Keyword Discovery - search marketshare.

We can also get an idea as to where the searches are coming from with an estimate by engine. This is the breakdown for "seo services" and let me tell you - this is about right (it may be estimating Yahoo! a bit high is anything).

Keyword Discovery - export.

And here's where we get to export. You can export all the information including the searches in the Keyword Discover database, the KEI analysis, the predicted searches per day, and more.

As I noted previously, this is only a very quick snapshot of what this tool does. It is easily the most powerful keyword research tool I've encountered thus far and is a necessary piece of any SEO's arsenal.

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