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Keyword Discovery has received reviews and many client testimonials including from many of the industry experts in the fields of SEO, SEM and Keyword Research.

Keyword Discovery is fast becoming the keyword research tool of choice!

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"KeywordDiscovery is my new keyword research tool of choice! I've been using it for the past few months, and each time I find new things that it can do. Our clients are benefiting from the additional terms we're finding that may otherwise have been missed. I'll definitely be letting my newsletter readers, forum members, and our High Rankings seminar participants know about this tool."
Jill Whalen - www.highrankings.com

"Finally, a tool that provides historical search query data! Marketers need to know more about the search volume of a keyword than just the previous month's popularity. Keyword Discovery's unique ability to provide monthly search volume information provides valuable insight into the seasonal variations. At KeyRelevance, we use Keyword Discovery to develop realistic PPC budget projections and to provide a better way to evaluate the long-term traffic of a search phrase for our customers. It's definitely a keeper in my keyword toolbox."
Christine Churchill - President, www.KeyRelevance.com
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"Trellian's Keyword Discovery has quietly become the industry leader in keyword research tools. Their new premium database is an essential tool for search engine marketers, and I'm surprised they aren't charging any extra for it. I never advise any client or student on their keyword strategy without checking Keyword Discovery first."
Dan Thies - www.seoresearchlabs.com

"Keyword Discovery is by far the most advanced and accurate keyword research tool available on the market. Anyone looking to implement a search marketing campaign should not start without first buying a subscription, it will pay for itself many times over."
Andy Beal, President & CEO, Marketing Pilgrim - www.MarketingPilgrim.com

Jay Stockwell - www.keywordworkshop.com
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  • Pay Per Click Advertisers

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"I've now used KeywordDiscovery for more than 20 projects, and I just started using it two months ago. Its database contains 21 billion searches from the last 12 months, making it the most comprehensive keyword research tool I've used. I especially like its ability to display seasonal search trends. I just showed a client the difference between searches for 'Christmas gifts' and 'holiday gifts' and those charts ended what could have been an endless debate."
Greg Jarboe - www.seo-pr.com

"When I was reviewing keyword research tools to recommend to our students, there was simply nothing to beat the features available in Keyword Discovery. The ability to pinpoint what keywords searchers in different regions are looking for is a dynamite feature sorely lacking in other keyword tools. Plus the seasonal search trends are a gold mine for pay per click advertisers and search engine marketing specialists alike. Bravo!"
Kalena Jordan - Co-founder and Director of Studies, www.searchenginecollege.com

"We are now using Keyword Discovery for all of our client keyword research projects. Our SEO analysts are raving about it and keep asking me why it took us so long to make the switch! Another great thing about Keyword Discovery is the focus on creating a best in class product. That gives me a lot of confidence about this product as a long term solution."
Lee Odden - www.toprankmarketing.com

"We have converted across to keyworddiscovery because its economical and has the geographic keyword data we need in the one place. The ability to download the data has saved us heaps of time. We've increased our customers keyword terms and the results speak for themselves."
Richard Noon - www.amplify.com.au

"KeywordDiscovery is an amazing keyword tool. It helped us to triple our keyword list AND better understand the seasonality of different searches."
Cindy Jennings - www.regonline.com

"KeywordDiscovery has become an invaluable research tool to us, especially when clients require country specific keyword data. The seasonality information is extremely useful and can help to explain traffic variations and patterns. I would definitely recommend this service."
H. Furr-Barton - www.brandattention.com

"I revisited KeywordDiscovery after PubCon in New Orleans. I just told my business partner that if we only subscribe to one keyphrase research tool, it would have to be KeywordDiscovery. The reason is very simple. It helps me save my clients money by returning more words that are relevant than Wordtracker, Yahoo's keyword suggestion tool or Google's keyword tool. For example, KeywordDiscovery just returned 368 relevant keywords for a brand new client campaign I'm building. Wordtracker came up with 64, Yahoo 73, and Google 58. Keep up the good work !"
Troy Matthews - www.1TWC.com

"Travel is one of the most competitive categories on the internet and keyword research is a substantial component of our search strategies. I've used most of the keyword research tools available to help us understand which keywords we should be targeting, KeywordDiscovery goes one better than the other tools - through your Seasonal Search Trends tool we've been able to effectively build our seo strategy based on these trends. Prior to your tool we were gathering data daily and trying to build these trends in house which isn't scalable, we now go straight to keyworddiscovery.com. Thanks for a great product."
Mary Song - www.homeaway.com

"KeywordDiscovery is another powerful keyword tool in our arsenal. I especially like the fact that the historical data seems to be more stable - there seem to be less anomalies in keyword research now. This tool is really fantastic for our domestic market and excels where other keyword research tools seem to falter. Any questions are also answered extremely fast and accurate by the support team."
Volker Bütow - www.purplecow.co.za

"I have been using Keyword Discovery now for about 2 months. I previously used a combination of the following tools: Google Adword Suggestions, Overture Keyword Selector Tool and Wordtracker. After using Keyword Discovery, I have found that the features offered are better than using the 3 combined tools and saves time! My clients are very happy with the reports I have been able to provide them. I have also seen an increase in traffic for those sites where I have used Keyword Discovery's suggestions for search terms. I give it a 5 star!! Highly Recommended."
Beth Abernathy - www.integratedresourcemgmt.com

"KeywordDiscovery.com is definitely the best tool I have come across for key phrase research, Hands Down!! In an industry dependant on search terms I've tried other "word-tracking" keyword tools but found them (it) too time consuming and cumbersome. Then one day I stumbled onto KeywordDiscovery.com and loved it! .... I guess the best part of this tool is the ease of use and speed! I didn't want to spend hours saving and messing with keywords. I wanted the best terms for my niche and wanted them fast and KeywordDiscovery.com offers that! A five star tool as far as I am concerned!"
James McClow - iPoogle.com

"I have tried every script, program, and software that deals with keyword research. Finally my search was over! Not only I don't have to waste any more money testing out new products I get the opportunity to use the best one out there. Keyword Discovery has helped me uncover keywords I would have never thought of and actually turned a profit for me. I recommend it to everyone and I am proud to tell my employers that I use it."
Aaron Nimocks - www.aaronnimocks.com

"KeywordDiscovery has proved to be a much better tool than WordTracker or Overture by far, because it lets us screen artificially inflated / inaccurate details for our SEO clients"
Praveen Narra - outsourcing.indyzen.com

"Our clients are savvy internet marketers who need fast and precise results in their marketing campaigns. After testing a variety of keyword research tools, we settled on KeywordDiscovery.com as our tool-of-choice for all our client's marketing efforts. It over-delivers on speed and reliable results. We've been recommending your tool above all others, including the more expensive tools on the market, to all our clients."
Sylvie Charrier - www.Workaholics4Hire.com

"As a fulltime internet marketer I have found keyworddiscovery to be an excellent source of keyword data that is not found anywhere else online. This rich keyword data has enabled me to drive targeted traffic that converts. Hats off!"
Brian Johnson - www.my-affiliate-programs.com

"Just writing you to express my gratitude to KeywordsDiscovery. Hole team of marketing experts couldn't do for one year what I did alone for one week just with subscription with KeywordsDiscovery. It's so simple to market your site, when you know exact search terms that people actually seek. Thanks!"
Prof. Borislav Dimov, Ph. D. - www.magicaura.com/eng

"I have tried many Keyword Programs. I have even spent as much as $300 for one. However, the one thing that effected my ROI was the amount of time it would take to do the Keyword Analysis. Keyword Discovery has increased my productivity by about 200%. I have also noticed a significant increase in my adsense revenue."
David A.Williams - www.davidawilliams.net

"As a search marketing agency, we were looking for a tool that provides insights into search patterns across demographics and industries, than just simple search numbers. We have been using KeywordDiscovery for the past few months and are pleased with the results. With features like seasonal trend, we are able to devise more meaningful SEO strategies for our clients."
Manish Chowdhary - President & CEO, www.MachInteractive.com

"I used your keyword discovery tool for the first time Thursday. I have been using another subscription based tool. Using your tool is like going from a 1969 VW Bug to a 2005 VW Passat. Awesome! (I love Vintage VWs but there comes a time when you have to drive new technology.)"
Dianna Huff - www.dhcommunications.com

"What I like most about Keyword Discovery is that the sampling size is much larger than any other tool I've tried. Some of the more popular tools only see about 1% of the total search terms utilized whereas Keyword Discovery gathers about 10% of the total. When deciding on the best, most targeted keyphrases to optimize a web site for, it's imperative to have a much broader view of the whole. We have found several high-profile keyphrases for our clients using Keyword Discovery that other tools did not reveal."
Barry Bowman - VP, SEO Operations, SmartSearchMarketing.com

"I'm liking Keyword Discovery... I signed up over the weekend. It's like Wordtracker on steroids. This is the most important step for me when I start an SEO project and so far it has made my job easier."
Keli Etscorn - www.BearCanyonSEO.com

"As SEO and keyword research becomes more complex, adding in the extra elements of seasonal trends, search behavior and competition, Keyword Discovery is the only tool that gives professional SEOs the ability to mine complex data easily"
Micah Baldwin - CEO, www.currentwisdom.com

"I have found KeywordDiscovery to be very comprehensive in it's capabilities, yet intuitive and easy to use. With the historical monthly data, this really helps me identify seasonal trends for my client's keywords and industry as a whole. This helps in the planning and forecasting of all our online marketing efforts. I highly recommend KeywordDiscovery!"
Tetsu Liew - www.visualscope.com

"Mining hidden gems from the head to the long tail! Pay per click search advertising is a major component of our marketing; identifying high traffic generating and profitable keywords is thus critical to our revenues and profitability. KeywordDiscovery does a fabulous job of mining those hidden gems for us: the keyword list is comprehensive with actual search volumes rather than relative estimates and segmented by geography and culled over a longer duration. We are able to make much more informed decisions about the keywords & phrases to target and get immediate returns on. We do use several keyword research tools, including those provided by the search engines, but KeywordDiscovery has become an indispensable ally. Thank you!"
Ben Flux - www.QuotationJunction.com

"Keyword Discovery is one of the best tools for online marketers. Comprehensive and easy to use, it provides enormous insights for a reasonable price. It works well for small, mid-size and large websites, whether the project involves search engine optimization, paid search or both. An online marketing strategy will miss the mark without the data Keyword Discovery provides in amazingly quick manner."
Kurt Krejny, Director of SEM Best Practices - www.fathomseo.com

"We must have tried every keyword research tool on the market and are ecstatic to have found Keyword Discovery. Many search engine marketers believe a mix of tools is the best approach to keyword research, but they obviously haven't tried this! It clearly uses a huge sample of keyword data, offers seasonal trends, is fast, robust, stable, and offers all of the information we need to make informed, decisive keyword strategy decisions. Highly recommended!"
Dave Bird, http://www.webtistic.co.uk

Keyword Discovery is fast becoming the keword research tool of choice. Starting from just $49.95 per month, KeywordDiscovery is the most advanced and affordable, Keyword Research tool available.

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