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By Mark Stockton

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Keyword Discovery is a rival to the well-established WordTracker keyword research tool. As Wordtracker is so well entrenched among the webmaster community, KeywordDiscovery has taken a while to establish itself as the search engine keyword research service of choice.

However, it does have a number of features that set it apart from WordTracker and, as a professional search engine optimiser, it is the keyword research tool I use most frequently.

With unique features like 12 months historical data and a far bigger database, it's hard to justify staying with WordTracker.

Here's a few of the differences that make KeywordDiscovery worthy of your time & money :

32 Billion Searches Database :

The Keyword Discovery database is huge and pulls information in from Google, MSN, Yahoo and over 170 other search engines. This means your keyword research is often more accurate and informative here than with Wordtracker.

Industry Keywords Function :

This allows you to compare the keywords you are currently receiving traffic for, with that of your competitors in the same industry.

It's a good way to discover new keyphrases that are being used in your particular industry so that you can expand your search engine marketing and PayPerClick campaigns accordingly.

Seasonal Trends Report : stores 12 months of historic data, so you can check the trends for a particular set of search terms and phrases over the course of a year. Essential information for planning PPC campaigns.

Regional Keyword Databases :

One of the worst things about WordTracker is that there is no regional data. As an UK SEO, this makes life just a little tricky. Keyword Discovery rectifies this and when I first reviewed this system, this was the thing that got me to subscribe.

The UK data comes from, and other UK search engines and makes doing regional keyword research so much easier. They also have databases for Australia, France, Germany, Czech Republic and a whole bunch of other countries.

All the features you are used to with WordTracker (such as KEI Analysis, Misspelling search and so on are here too, but it's the newer features and the bigger, better database of search terms that makes a winner. This really is the keyword research service you should be using.

Mark Stockton is Associate of 1design4life , -

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