Review: Keyword Discovery - a keyword research and analytics tool for SEO and PPC.

By Nick Usborne

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Until very recently I had never used Keyword Discovery. For years I have been using Wordtracker as my primary keyword research tool. From time to time I have tried other tools, but have always gone back.

Now I face a small conundrum.

I have been checking out Keyword Discovery and really like it.

One of the concerns I have with every keyword research tool is the breadth of its database of search results. In other words, when you enter a keyword and want to find out how many people search for that word or phrase, which search engines are looked at for results?

Some tools rely on a very small number of sources for their database of terms.

But Keyword Discovery gets results from almost 200 different search engines.

Overkill? Absolutely. But I'd rather get my figures from an overly large database than from one that is too small.

And to be fair, those 200 search engine include numerous foreign engines, which is great for when you are targeting PPC campaigns.

Here's what you get with Keyword Discovery...

First of all, you get the basic figures you expect from any keyword search tool: supply, demand and KEI.

In addition, there are a number of advanced search options.

  • Exclude words in search results
  • Phrase search
  • Search related terms
  • Search like terms
  • Crawl for related words
  • Find common misspellings
  • Retrieve keywords from the meta tags used in a specific URL
  • Run keyword permutations for up to 5 keywords.

And there are plenty of other features I haven't even explored yet.

You may not need the advanced features all of the time, but it good to know they are there for when you want them.

My experience with the interface

As with any new tool interface, it takes a little time to get used to Keywords Discovery. That said, the interface is very simple. I think my principal problem was that I expected it to be harder to use and kept looking for the "hard way" to do things.

After a few times on the site I had it pretty much worked out and was quickly creating new projects and conducting some advanced searches and analysis on a number of keyword groups.

Concluding thoughts

It's good. I have already identified some good new keywords for sites I am working on...and these are keywords I hadn't found with other keyword search tools.

You can subscribe for a month or for a year, and the prices are in line with what you would expect to pay for any other quality service in this category.

If you're serious about SEO and PPC, this is certainly a service you should explore.

Nick Usborne is Publisher of Excess Voice, -

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