This function is only available for users with custom API keys.
Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.

Competitive Intelligence API Access

Example URL below:
Substititute seokey with the one associated with your account.

If your seokey is cA34kdfd, the example query will be:

Parameters: Modes
There are three modes that the API can be used in:

1. mode=referrers
This will return the Referrers report, as in the main CI interface.

2. mode=queries
This will return the Queries report, as in the main CI interface.

3. mode=ppc
This will return the PPC report, as in the main CI interface, but with some changes.
The CI interface shows organic percentages on the PPC report, but the API returns PPC percentages, so these will be different.
This will also result in a different order for the results.


A domain must be given without the https:// and www prefixes. is currently accessible to all accounts.

Example query string:

Compact (Optional)

Compact results may be requested. If they are, tags will be shortened to a single letter in the returned results.
The default is to return compact results.

To turn on compact results, set value to 1

Example query returns

        < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>        - < results>
          < r p="16.00" r="" u="2007-12-16" />
          < r p="8.57" r="" u="2007-12-16" />
          < r p="8.33" r="" u="2007-12-16" />

To turn off compact results, set value to 0

Example query returns

        < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>        - < results>
          < r percent="16.00" referrer="" updated="2007-12-16" />
          < r percent="8.57" referrer="" updated="2007-12-16" />
          < r percent="8.33" referrer="" updated="2007-12-16" />

Offset and Limit

By default, 10 results are returned, starting from an offset of 0. Both offset and limit can be set.
Regardless of these settings, only the first 1000 results will be returned for any query.
For example,
offset=0&limit=10 will return the first 10 results.
offset=10&limit=100 will return 100 results from the 11th result onwards.
offset=990&limit=100 will return only 10 results, as there are only 1000 results available.

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