Top 15 query

The Top 15 queries function can accept multiple search terms at once, limited to a maximum of 10, and returns the total number of searches and the number of monthly searches for each search term.

This function is available at


The main parameter is the list of query strings, one phrase per line.

Query string (required)
Parameter name: query
Aliases: q, search, queries, searches
Description: Search terms separated by newline characters
Limit: 100 search terms
Example: The following query returns the top 15 results for the phrase airport parking and free web hosting:

Compact results
Parameter name: compact
Aliases: c
Default: 1 (on)
Values: 1,0 (on,off)
Description: Returns results with abbreviated fieldname descriptions. E.g. total="1622" will be displayed as t="1622"
Example: The following query returns the results with abbreviated fieldname descriptions for the phrase airport parking:

Parameter name: limit
Aliases: l, m, limited_to, maximum
Default: 10
Maximum: 15
Values: integers 1 -> 15
Description: The maximum number of results to return.
Example: The following query returns the top 15 results for the phrase airport parking:

WARNING: Each additional search term used in the top 15 query will use an additional api credit. eg. specifying 3 search terms will use 3 API credits.


Results are returned as XML. A simple example:

This request is for the search terms "airport parking" and "free web hosting". By default, compact result display is turned on. The XML returned from this query is shown below:

   <results compact="true" maximum="15" offset="0" query="airport parking" sub10="false">
      <r m="3619" q="airport parking" t="57907"/>
      <r m="762" q="airport parking uk" t="9912"/>
      <r m="1194" q="newcastle airport car parking" t="9558"/>
      <r m="858" q="luton airport car parking" t="9446"/>
      <r m="279" q="gatwick airport parking" t="4188"/>
      <r m="251" q="newark airport parking" t="3272"/>
      <r m="228" q="stansted airport parking" t="3192"/>
      <r m="211" q="philadelphia airport parking" t="2963"/>
      <r m="222" q="jfk airport parking" t="2889"/>
      <r m="178" q="oakland airport parking" t="2495"/>
      <r m="159" q="dfw airport parking" t="2072"/>
      <r m="147" q="airport car parking" t="2064"/>
      <r m="1028" q="airport parking, gatwick" t="2057"/>
      <r m="150" q="manchester airport parking" t="1961"/>
      <r m="142" q="airport parking gatwick" t="1710"/>
   <results compact="true" maximum="15" offset="0" query=" free web hosting" sub10="false">
      <r m="75067" q="free web hosting" t="1201077"/>
      <r m="15790" q="free web page hosting" t="252643"/>
      <r m="1492" q="free web site hosting" t="23886"/>
      <r m="933" q="web hosting free" t="12141"/>
      <r m="237" q="list free web hosting" t="3090"/>
      <r m="192" q="free web hosting php" t="3087"/>
      <r m="241" q="free and web and hosting" t="2652"/>
      <r m="180" q="free web hosting no ads" t="2527"/>
      <r m="160" q="free adult web hosting" t="2400"/>
      <r m="164" q="free web hosting service" t="2297"/>
      <r m="378" q="free web hosting home business" t="2273"/>
      <r m="201" q="free adult web cam hosting" t="2010"/>
      <r m="105" q="free web hosting frontpage" t="1692"/>
      <r m="118" q="free web hosting no adds" t="1535"/>
      <r m="105" q="free web hosting ftp" t="1481"/>

Each result is returned as an 'r' tag with the following attributes

  • q - query string
  • t - total search
  • m - monthly estimate. (takes into account a percentage of data that Keyword discovery has in relation to the total number searches done world wide.)

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