Account status

Account status information can be queried to obtain account usage data.

This function is available at

The following information is available:

Expiry - The date the account will expire (also the date that the monthly limit finishes)

Renew - Displays "t" (true) if the account will be automatically renewed, or f to indicate non-automatic renewal. If set to "t", the account will be automatically billed for the next month on the expiry date.

Monthly Limit - The account's monthly query limit

Queries - The current query usage for this time period

Suspended - Displays "t" (true) if the account has been suspended, or f to indicate an active account. Accounts may be suspended due to misuse.


Results are returned as XML. A simple example:

This request is for the account status. The XML returned from this query is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<status expires="2004-12-18" monthly_allowance="10000" queries="64" renew="t" suspended="f" />

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