Analyzing Keywords - Historical Trends

You can now obtain Historical Trends graphs from two places. The first is available from most result sets, by clicking the Trends icon, the second is available by clicking Keyword Trends on the toolbar. The Keyword Trends tool allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at once and see trends for specific countries.

  1. Enter up to 5 search terms into the Keywords field, separated by commas
  2. Select a Database
  3. Choose from Trend or Monthly Graph
  4. Click Search Trends

Keyword Trends

The Search Trends graph is based on the last 12 months of data. Searches per million users - Displayed on the vertical axis of the Search Trends graph, this is the estimated number of searches performed per million users.

Keyword Trends Monthly

You can choose a to have a Monthly graph displayed rather that a Trend graph, by selecting Monthly from the Select Graph drop-down menu.
This will display average Searches per million users for each month, whereas the Trend graph shows actual peaks.

The Keyword Trends tool will also display Search Engine Market Share and Search Demographics. For more information, see their manual pages:

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