Analyzing Keywords - Predicted Daily

Figures in this column provide an estimate of the total number of daily searches, for Global Premium, or the number of daily searches in that country for Regional databases, for each given search term.

The predicted daily figure is calculated by determining how many searches Keyword Discovery captures, compared to the total searches performed in that country for the selected Regional database (or the world for the Global Premium database).

For example:

Assume that the search volume, in our Australian database, for the keyword womens shoes is 3,000 and that we have captured searches from 5% of users in Australia. From this, we calculate the predicted total searches for this keyword in Australia, then divide it by 365 to get the average Daily predicted searches.

Of course, the actual formula is a little more complex and allows for keywords that only started to be searched for on a paticular date, and seasonality.

This is also the reason why when you multiply the daily prediction figure by 365, you will get a much larger number than the number of actual searches recorded in our database.

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