Search Types - Inflected Form Search

Inflected Form Definition: An alteration of the form of a word by the addition of an affix, as in English dogs from dog, or by changing the form of a base, as in English spoke from speak, that indicates grammatical features such as number, person, mood, or tense.

To use this feature, enter a keyword and check the "Inflected Form" checkbox from the search form.

In other words, this option includes the inflected form of the keyword in the search results.

For example: A search for the keyword run will also include results containing the keywords ran, runs and running.

As a result Keyword Discovery will perform a search for every Inflected Form type and provide the a list of the top searched for results, and in this case would include search terms such as:

Inflected Form search results


Keep in mind that in English only some words have inflected forms, where keyword run has an inflected form but keywords running or ran do not.

This function is not available on Historical databases.

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