Search Types - Competitors

The Competitors feature lists upto the top 100 sites/domains that receive the most traffic for that keyword from Search Engines. This is great to identify who your main competitors are for a give search term. It is also valuable as it highlights that fact that the #1 ranked sites are not always the ones that receive most of the search traffic.

To do a Competitors search, tick the Competitors option on the research box or to perform a competitors search against multiple keywords, use the Competitors Keyword Tool.

For example: A search for "shoes" will return the following results

Competitors search

The results are in order of traffic. That is, the more traffic the domain received from that keyword the higher up in the list it is. For example, if there were 10 searches done that resulted in clicks to 2 different domains, one had 7 clicks and the other 3 clicks, then we would show the one with 7 clicks first with 70% traffic score an the second domain would show 30% traffic score.

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