Databases - Also Searched Queries

The keywords listed in the Also Searched column are the most commonly searched keywords, searched for by the same users that also searched for the supplied search term. To qualify, the also searched keywords had to be searched for in the same session on the same day as the supplied search term.

The order of the results is based User Frequency. That is, the more users that did the same search, the higher that term is in the results.

Also search queries are automatically displayed in the right set of results when performing a normal search.

For example: Searching for "shoes" would return this in the right set of results.

Also Searched Queries results

Also Searched results are great for brain storming and identifying new potential trends, paths and niche terms that others users have performed in the past.

NOTE: For very popular terms, we recommend to use the Adult filter.

NOTE: When using the Question Phrases database, search volumes shown are from Global Premium database.

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