Databases - Historical Global

There are now 2 types of historical keyword databases:
1. Historical Databases
2. Historical Global Database (the original keyword database)

Historical Global Database

Historical Global search

The Historical Global Database (can be found in the drop down list of keyword databases) includes data from all data sources since June 2005 onwards. This includes data from search engine logs themselves that include unfortunately a lot of "spam" and "automated" searches that artificially inflate the search counts.

Keep in mind that the Historical Global Database includes data from a longer period of time. That is why the numbers in Historical Global Database should not be used or relied upon, especially those in the top of the lists.

However the Historical Global database is very useful and servers 2 great objectives:

1. Ideal for tail end and niche research. As we have included all the keywords that we have collected to date, it is great at finding those relevant, yet not so frequently searched for terms. So great at finding those elusive keywords.

2. Great to build up stop word lists for PPC campaigns... If we have any search term in our database, it is because a search by real human or not was done for them, it means that if you are running PPC campaigns, your ads will also be displayed in such cases... So by removing them from your campaigns, or adding them into your campaigns but at a much lower CPC rate, you are then making your primary ads perform better and are not penalized for ads that have a poor click through ratio. Which can make a huge difference to your ads rank.

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