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Skew is a major problem that has traditionally faced all keyword suggestion services. Typically search statistics reported on popular queries are impacted by various automated agents such as search engine crawlers, rank and bid checkers. These inflate the true search numbers making it difficult to accurately estimate available traffic.

To overcome this problem, the Global Premium database contains over 4.4 billion keyword searches based purely on user panel data. This data is is less prone to skew caused by automated agents.

The Global Premium Database is the default database and can be changed by selecting another database from the "Database" drop-down menu on the search form.

Keyword Discovery is currently the only keyword research service with this level of data quality.

Below is an example on the search term "ipod" from both our Global Premium and Historical Global databases.

Comparison of keyword search using the term "ipod" on the Global Premium database displays results that contain less skew and are hence provide a far more accurate indication of searches in comparison to the results reported by the Global database.

Global Premium Database ipod search results on Global Premium database
Historical Global Database ipod search results on Historical Global database

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