Databases - Historical

There are now 2 types of historical keyword databases:
1. Historical Databases
2. Historical Global Database (the original keyword database)

Historical Databases

By ticking the Historical checkbox, reasults displayed are from August 2006 onwards for selected databases, including Global Premium, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, UK and US.

If the Historical box is left un-ticked, displayed results will be a rolling 12 months of data.

Historical search

This feature is not avaliable when using the Historical Global database.

The search counts are collected from a user panel of around 3 million users, and are thus real searches performed and not estimates. This is the reason why the search volumes reported will be smaller than what they would be if we did have all internet users in our panel.

Search numbers should be used relative to other terms, but more importantly the common skews generated by rank checkers and other automated scripts found in other tools are minimized.

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