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The backlinks page is avalible by clicking a backlink result in the Competitors tool. It shows a breakdown of the top 100 backlinks, including details such as Meta Title and PI Rank for each backlink domain.

Backlink data is a compilation of backlink data from various sources extracted from the web, shown in order of popularity.

The total backlinks for this URL are shown next to Results.

Competitors Tool Backlinks results

What do the columns mean?


This column shows root domain of the "URLs with Backlinks". This is provided for sorting purposes.

URLs with Backlinks

This column shows the specific URLs that link to the target Domain.
The URLs are provided and sorted by Yahoo in order of Importance that Yahoo has given each URL.

URL Title

This column shows the extracted Meta Title Tag from the URL that has a backlink.

PI Rank

The PI Rank (or Popularity Index) is a rank assigned to each domain, based on the number of unique sessions it receives. A domain's PI rank score is a 3 month rolling average.

The data is gathered from user panel data, captured via users that have the PI Rank feature enabled.

For more information, see the PI Rank manual page.

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