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The Yahoo PPC Bid Tool can be used to find keyword PPC bid information from Yahoo. Along with current highest and lowest bids, the Yahoo PPC Bid Tool will show the estimated daily search volumes on Yahoo, historical CPC rates and historical Max PPC Bids values for the search term.

To use this feature, click Keyword Tools from the toolbar, then click Yahoo PPC Bid Tool.

Keyword Tools Menu

To use the Yahoo PPC Bid Tool:

  1. Enter a keyword that you would like PPC Bid Values for in the Search Term field.
  2. Select a Match Type from the drop-down menu.

    Displays PPC data values for different ad types.

    Sponsored Search are PPC ads displayed on Yahoo search results pages. Where:
    • Standard displays ads for exact matches, as well as for singular or plural variations, common misspellings and relevant keywords.
    • Advanced displays ads for a broader range of searches.

    Content Match are PPC ads displayed on content based websites. Similar to Google's AdSense, however from Yahoo.

  3. You can choose to either fetch the latest data or see cached bid data.
  4. Select a Region from the drop-down menu.
    Yahoo advertisers have the option to run different PPC campaigns in different regions, which means that PPC values vary by region.
  5. Optionally, check the Historical checkbox to see search volumes from August 2006 to present.
  6. Click the Search button.

For example, if we use the keyword "shoes", we will get the following results:

Yahoo PPC Bid Tool

Current Yahoo PPC Bids shows the latest Yahoo PPC bid values for the selected keyword (if Fetch Current PPC Data is selected). Historical PPC Data and Estimated Daily Search Volumes shows a forecast, based on historical data.

What do the columns mean?


This column contains the number of times that each phrase appears in the selected database. Search numbers should be used relative to other terms in the same database and not as an absolute figure. We do not extrapolate these numbers, they are exact counts we have recorded in our database from the users in our panel.

Highest Bid:

Displays the current highest bid for premium PPC ads on Yahoo search results pages.

Lowest Bid:

Displays the current lowest bid for premium PPC ads on Yahoo search results pages.

Fetched On:

Displays when the PPC Bid data was last fetched

Historical PPC Data and Estimated Daily Search Volumes:

This table displays Historical PPC Bid data including, Rank, Average Position, Average CPC, Historical Max Bid and also Predicted daily data points including: Daily Search Volumes, Average Clicks.

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